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May 21, 2018
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Special Education

Programs & Services

The Stillwater Central School District is committed to providing students with educational disabilities, quality programs and services. The majority of our students receive their services and interventions in the general education setting. The District offers a wide variety of classroom settings and instructional supports to a range of students.

Services are provided for preschool children through arrangements with local preschool programs and providers. Parents with preschool children suspected of having a developmental or learning delay are invited to call the Office of Special Programs for information regarding evaluation and preschool education services. download Special Education Program Description Guide (PDF)

Inclusion Classrooms - Consultant Teacher

In the elementary building, there are "Inclusion Classrooms" at each grade level, which consist of a full time special education teacher working collaboratively with the general education teacher. Together these teachers provide instructional supports for all students to be successful. These classrooms follow the same curriculum and have the same high educational expectations as all other classrooms, but are equipped to make necessary accommodations and modifications for students who require them. Some of our co-teaching teams have been working together for years and have established a fantastic collaborative classroom. Other inclusion teams although perhaps newly formed, work together seamlessly to create a comprehensive classroom for all students. We are very proud of our inclusion classrooms and have found them to be incredibly successful at meeting the needs of many students. Inclusion team teachers meet on a bi-monthly basis for professional development and opportunities to share instructional best practices.

In the middle and high schools, we have a similar configuration of services for students in need of special education services. Consultant teachers are available to support students with educational disabilities in the general education setting. A special education teacher is devoted to each grade level in grades 5-8 and a team of three teachers work collaboratively to meet the needs of our high school students. At every grade level, eligible students have a consultant teacher identified as their "case manager." These teachers act to ensure that students' individual education plans are implemented appropriately, work collaboratively with the general education teachers across the content areas, and monitor student progress. These teachers also teach at least one period a day of "Tutorial Lab" where students in need of additional instruction, meet with the special education teacher in a small class setting.

Instructional Centers - 12:1:1 Classrooms

For students in need of a smaller class size and more intensive student-teacher ratio, we have our "Instructional Centers." Instructional Center support is available to students in grades K-12, as appropriate. These classes have less than 12 students in them and are taught by a highly qualified special education teacher. A classroom aide is also devoted to these classrooms, to provide assistance and support to the teacher and students. Some of our students may require programming in our Instructional Center for the majority of their school day, while others may attend for a class period or two, for primary instruction in English Language Arts and/or Math. The goal for any student is to eventually transition them into the general education setting to receive their education with their non-disabled peers. These decisions are made by the Committee on Special Education. Many factors are taken into account when deciding on the most appropriate educational setting, including cognitive, academic and social/emotional levels.

Resource Rooms

Resource Rooms are available to eligible students in grades 6-12 as an additional academic support. Consultant teachers at all grade levels teach at least one tutorial lab class each day. This class period is devoted to working with students on their specific academic needs as well as supporting them with the material of the content area classes. Mini-lessons on strategies for improving reading comprehension, writing skills, preparing for tests and quizzes, note-taking and organization skills, and even cooperative group work are the focus of this class.

BOCES Special Classes

Occasionally, some students with severe disabilities require a more intensive special education program. Smaller special education classes are available through the Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex (WSWHE) BOCES. The decision to program for a student in a more intensive special education class setting is a function of the Committee on Special Education. Learn more about special education classes and programs available at WSWHE BOCES

Day Treatment and Residential Programs

Day treatment and residential programs are available to students with severe disabilities and/or a mental health diagnosis. These programs usually have a clinical component as part of their program, where students can receive counseling and possibly medication monitoring from a licensed psychiatrist. Due to the very restrictive nature of these programs, they are recommended only after other programs and services have been tried and/or considered or as a result of a hospitalization or assault.

Related Services Available to Eligible Students
  • Counseling
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Specialized Reading
  • Assistive Technology
  • Vision Therapy
  • Audiological Therapy
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