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June 23, 2018
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District Goals

Stillwater Central School District Goals

The Stillwater Board of Education recognizes that goal setting provides a framework to address areas of need, concern and priority within the district.

District goals provide a basis for implementation of a specific, measureable action plan to address building level/district objectives. Built upon this framework, focus, clarity and unity toward the Stillwater Central School District mission statement will occur.

Goal categories:

  • I. Student Achievement
  • II. Curriculum and Instruction
  • III. Communication and Community Engagement
  • IV. Creating Sustainable Community Partnerships
  • V. Fiscal Management


I. Student Achievement

The Stillwater Central School District will empower every student with the ability to plan for a successful future by providing opportunities for students to grow and excel academically in a safe learning environment.

II. Curriculum and Instruction

The Stillwater Central School District is committed to upholding a high standard of teaching and instructional practices that ensure student learning. The standard is met by encouraging teacher leadership, consistent evaluation of content, practice and alignment, and providing sustainable professional development for staff.

III. Communication and Community Engagement

The Stillwater Central School District promotes an open and transparent community relationship with a focus on collaboration. With an an emphasis on the success of the students embraced by all, the District encourages dialogue, shared decision-making and opportunities for community and parent involvement.

IV. Creating Sustainable Community Partnerships

The Stillwater Central School District will enhance and sustain community partnerships. This collaboration will ensure student integration into the community, provide them with additional opportunities and create/strengthen community relationships.

V. Fiscal Management

The Stillwater Central School District will strive to balance the educational needs of its students and its fiscal responsibilities to the district and community through the continued prudent use of resources in support of district goals 1-4.

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