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March 21, 2018
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Register for the 4th annual “Girls in STEM” event

March 1, 2016

Girls in grades 4-8 are invited to participate in a fun and interactive day of STEM education!

When: Saturday, March 12
Where: Hudson Valley Community College’s TEC-SMART facility, 345 Hermes Road, Malta, NY 12020
Time: 8:30 a.m – 2:00 p.m.

Ryana Sikder, a senior process engineer from GlobalFoundries Fab 8 will be the keynote speaker.

To register click here

Workshop descriptions:

Making Connections

No doubt you’ve had the chance to learn a little about a circuit before but have you ever had the chance to experiment with Chibitronics, conductive adhesive tape and LED’s or try your hand at conductive paint? This hands-on workshop will introduce you to these in a fun way to explore circuitry and shed a light on how they work.

The Mystery of Color, Light, Heat, and Energy

Create art while exploring color, light, heat, and energy. Make a bracelet that becomes multicolored in the sun. How will the sun determine the colors of your new jewelry? Take a “selfie” using an Infrared camera. In what ways will your picture look a little different than pictures usually do? Other hands-on activities include an exploration of how materials change based on temperature and how we see things differently than they may be.

Potato Battery Experiment

Students use potatoes to light an LED clock (or light bulb) as they learn how a battery works in a simple circuit and how chemical energy changes to electrical energy. As they learn more about electrical energy, they better understand the concepts of voltage, current and resistance.

Catching the Rays

Participants will learn about heat and solar energy concepts. See the different temperatures of materials using a heat sensing camera. Design a solar collection model that could be used for transportation or cooking.

Exploring with Circuits

Have you ever investigated the science of a circuit and put it to use for you? Join us and delve into the circuitry of the maker movement! Build a squishy circuit out of play dough, design a doodling robot using littleBits, and more in this hands-on workshop that shines a light on circuitry in a fun and engaging way.

Design Challenge! The Art & Science of Structural Design

Students will analyze the work of artists and engineers from the ancient world through the present to learn the design principles, influences, and forces that shaped some of the world’s most iconic structures. Geometric shapes, forms and angles will be explored and students will work in teams to apply what they learn to create their own structures. Teams will be giving basic building supplies and will manage a budget to purchase additional supplies as needed. Each structure will be assessed to determine the tallest, strongest, most creative, and most cost effective design.

It’s a Small, Small Nanoworld

The nano world is all around us, but we can’t see it with our eyes. Through hands-on activities explore the everyday applications of nanotechnology. Students learn just how small nano is and what it takes to work with nano-sized objects.

Kid Wind

Did you know that New York State has been a part of the “Gigawatt Club” since 2009?! As of spring 2014, New York had over 1.8 GW’s of wind power installed. That’s enough to power over 500,000 homes! Humans have been using wind turbines for thousands of years. Have you ever wondered how the wind turbine blades create the electricity that powers your home? We invite you to be an engineer for a day to learn about how wind turbines make electricity and invent your own blades! How much power will your invention create?

Fun with PBS

Meet the SciGirls and learn how you can play together to change the world through fun activities and interactive games. You will be convinced that math and science are super cool like just the SciGirls. You will also have the opportunity to explore other STEM resources from WMHT and PBS like Design Squad Nation, and Dragon Fly.

Design Your Dream House

Have you ever wanted to create your own place? Come learn the process of design and see what it’s like to be an architect! In this session, you will work in teams and have the opportunity to try out tools of the trade.

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