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March 24, 2018
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Stillwater News

Utility usage continues to drop thanks to energy program

Updated March 12, 2013 –Stillwater has reduced its energy consumption and saved more than $300,000 in the process since the district started working with the Capital Region BOCES Energy Management Service in March 2010.

Thanks to the conscious effort of school staff, the district has avoided spending a total of $312,407 (cost avoidance) in electricity and heating oil costs since the program started in March 2010 to Jan. 2013. That represents a 25 percent reduction in utility costs. This amount is based on the current day unit cost of the utilities, and factors in other variables, such as the change in weather.

Energy Education Specialist, Tom Schweizer, from Capital Region BOCES Energy Management Service has worked closely with Stillwater’s staff to create a culture of energy conservation, emphasizing simple measures, such as turning off lights and computers and lowering thermostats on nights and weekends or during school vacations when buildings are not in use.

The energy management program also audits and monitors utility bills and meters for errors or overcharges; evaluates usage trends for irregularities; explores rebates and grants; and creates a “climate of conservation” to deliver sustainable savings.

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