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May 21, 2018
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Grade 6 Bingo Raffle winners

Updated Dec. 18, 2012 – Stillwater sixth-grade's annual Bingo Raffle fundraiser is underway. Find out who the winner is on each day of the "12 Days of Winter Cheer!" Winners will be added to this Web page through Dec. 14.

  • Thursday, Nov. 29 - Winner is Kevin Gerighty; Ticket sold by Matthew Breslin
    Prize: $25 iTunes giftcard
  • Friday, Nov. 30 - Winner is Paula Trendell; Ticket sold by Olivia Mercier
    Prize: $50 Toys R Us giftcard
  • Monday, Dec. 3 - Winner is Chuck Dyer; Ticket sold by Brandon Dyer
    Prize: $25 Regal Cinemas giftcard
  • Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Winner is Phyllis Minick; Ticket sold by Nicholas Goman
    Prize: $25 Stewarts giftcard
  • Wednesday, Dec. 5 - Winner is Erica Springborn; Ticket sold by Amiya Jennings
    Prize: $25 Colonie Center giftcard
  • Thursday, Dec. 6 - Winner is Renee Dunn; Ticket sold by Olivia Mercier
    Prize: $25 Walmart giftcard
  • Friday, Dec. 7 - Winner is Rachel Jones; Ticket sold by Tiffany Crowe
    Prize: $50 Price Chopper giftcard
  • Monday, Dec. 10 - Winners are Adam and Lauren Trudeau; Ticket sold by Tayler Lescault
    Prize: $25 Stewarts giftcard
  • Tuesday, Dec. 11 - Winner is Jennifer O’Brien; Ticket sold by Jake Zdonick
    Prize: $25 Price Chopper giftcard
  • Wednesday, Dec. 12 - Winner is Bridget Cuilla; Ticket sold by Cassidy Sheehan
    Prize: $25 TGI Friday's giftcard
  • Thursday, Dec. 13 - Winner is Bill Millard; Ticket sold by Gabrielle Millard
    Prize: $25 Five Guys giftcard
  • Friday, Dec. 14 - Winner is Emily Smith; Ticket sold by Anthony Barber
    Prize: $100 Shopping Spree at Colonie Center
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